A modern translation company where speed and quality count

When you’re looking for the most suitable translation company for your needs, it can be challenging to tell companies apart: they all offer high quality and speed – any one of them could be the perfect match. At VK Global, we have focused our translation business on four areas, enabling us to provide our customers with the best possible translation services for their needs, no matter how large or small. We have access to a worldwide network of experienced translators – native speakers and experts in specialist fields. Many of our translators are also authorised to provide official, certified translations.

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Do not compromise on quality – choose high-quality translation services

We complete all translations – small or large – with our solid experience and uncompromising approach to quality. We specialise in demanding, high-quality translation work: every day, we complete challenging translation projects for customers who are among the frontrunners in their industries. Our robust experience ensures we know the requirements for international communication.

We have experience working on international projects, and we are happy to work on tailored, multilingual projects in addition to individual language pairs. In addition to the most common languages – English and Swedish – we also provide translations in dozens of other language pairs.

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Four reasons to choose VK Global for your translations


We are the translation company that you can trust with all your translations, from lightweight projects all the way to sensitive, confidential material. Our business is based on quality and efficiency: years of experience and expertise have moulded our translation process to maximise efficiency for the office and for our clients.

High quality

The quality of our translations is our most important success factor and the cornerstone of everything we do. Our translation agency is run by experienced translators, so we have translation expertise at every level of our company. Our translators are native speakers of the target language, and the translations are always high in quality and culturally fluent.

Rapid and flexible

Need a translation in a hurry? No problem – quick deliveries are a part of our everyday business. Naturally, we understand that no two projects are alike. Our translation services are always tailored to each individual customer.


We use the latest translation technology and the best tools. This ensures high-quality communication and consistency throughout large, multilingual projects. As our partnerships continue, the cost benefit for customers increases, as translation memories mean that the same work does not need to be repeated several times.