Prime partnership with a translation company

We aim to serve our customers over the long term, so we offer them Prime partnership, which emphasises the quality, simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a translation partnership. When a customer has a Prime partnership, they use VK Global for all or a specifically agreed proportion of their translation procurements. This enables us to offer our customers significant cost savings and top reliability for their translation deliveries, while enhancing consistent translation quality over the long term.

Prime partnership is a form of long-term collaboration

Prime partnership is particularly beneficial for companies that constantly need translations but are using several different service providers. Small and large companies can enjoy the benefits when the collaboration is constant and as comprehensive as possible. Prime partnerships give rise to a wide range of benefits based on an innovative operating model for translation services developed by VK Global.

Make translation a natural part of your company’s everyday work, and become a VK Global Prime partner. Contact us to find out more.

Juha-Pekka Niemelä, Managing Director of VK Global
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