A modern translation company at your service

VK Global is a modern translation company that specialises in producing demanding, high-quality translations. Every day, we deliver challenging, multilingual translation projects to our customers, who are among the top businesses in their fields. We have in-depth knowledge of the requirements for translations and international communication, and we have everything in place to address them with the highest possible quality.

Our translation offices are located in Tampere and Helsinki paikkakuntakohtaisiin tietoihin. However, translation services are not tied to any particular place – we serve our customers all over Finland, as well as overseas.

High-quality translation services for professionals in specialist industries

Our customers represent the full spectrum of corporations, SMEs, advertising and media agencies, legal offices and top medical units. We can handle all types of translation work, from everyday internal translations to international communications for specialist industries.

The quality of our translations is in the hands of our carefully selected professionals. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language, and we ensure that an expert in the field is always on hand for consultation whenever needed.

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A worldwide network of partners available to our customers

Thanks to our worldwide network of partners, we are able to deliver extensive, multilingual translation projects with a rapid turnaround. Our network of translators consists of numerous experts in various specialist industries, so you can rest assured that the terminology will be correct. We ensure that our translators are native professionals in the target language so that your texts will sound natural and culturally appropriate to the target audience.

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Authorised translations

Many of our translators are also certified to provide official, authorised translations. Authorised translations are documents that must always meet international standards.

In the area of authorised translations, we work in close cooperation with educational institutions, embassies, administrative bodies, courts, legal offices and many other organisations that need official translations of documents. Companies may need authorised translations of documents such as financial statements and agreements on corporate acquisitions, or whenever they are entering new markets.

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