Official translations from authorised translators

An official translation is a document with the same legal status as the original text in the eyes of the authorities. Official translations may only be provided by authorised translators accredited by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The authorised translator confirms the validity of the text by including a signed translator’s declaration.

A legally valid official translation can only be prepared from the original document or a certified copy. Authorised translations are commonly needed for texts such as inheritance or business documents and court verdicts. Private individuals sometimes need authorised translations for purposes such as applying to study or obtaining employment.

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Official translations with a quality guarantee

Even if a document is translated by an authorised translator, it is not in itself a guarantee of quality. If you order official translations from VK Global, you can rest assured that all of our authorised translators have solid professional skill, and the translation you receive will be high in quality as well as officially valid. Our worldwide network ensures that translations are always prepared by native speakers of the target language, ensuring the best quality and localisation. When official translations are prepared, it may be necessary to consult a legal expert to ensure that the terminology in the translated document accurately corresponds to the original.

How long does it take to obtain an official translation?

Sometimes, official translations require an Apostille from a local registry office. This, in addition to the translator’s declaration, guarantees the legal validity of the translation. Occasionally, it may be necessary to have the translation certified by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or an embassy. The customer is responsible for obtaining the Apostille or legal certification, so make sure you know whether you need additional validation for your translation, and set aside enough time for this.

If you do not need an Apostille or legal certification, we can provide official translations on a very fast schedule if necessary. We will be happy to help you check whether you need an Apostille or legal certification for your translation.

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Official translations are not necessarily required in every case, and sometimes the document may be available in the target language from the original issuer. If you are certain you need the services of an authorised translator, contact us, and we can help.

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