Text localisation improves quality

Localisation is a common choice for translations used in multimedia products and applications, as localisation takes into account the cultural aspects related to the target language and region in addition to translation. The legislation in the target country can also be taken into consideration if this affects the limitations or requirements concerning the content.

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Localised text is native and accessible

Text localisation means that texts are edited to make them as suitable as possible for the target audience in a specific target area. Localisation may result in superficial changes to the original content in order to achieve a more local, homely text. Localisation is also referred to as L10N. This service ensures your text is better received and internalised as it uses familiar frames of reference and does not feel like a translation, making it easier for the reader to identify with the text. However, the original message must never be altered in the process of localisation.

Localisation is the finishing touch

Localising the content of a text is like putting the cherry on a cake – it is the finishing touch that the translation needs. Localisation is particularly important and useful for translations of media products, software and websites, or for pre-translated marketing texts. Unlocalised translations may contain odd-sounding expressions and references, which distract the reader from the main point of the text.

Translation memories boost quality and reduce costs

We use translation memories to save all of the texts we translate. One of the most useful features of translation memories is the ability to save customer-specific terminology so that all subsequent texts use consistent, validated terms. Translation memories also reduce costs: as the partnership continues, translations get cheaper. The more we are able to make use of prior content saved in the translation memory, the lower the price will be for new translations.

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We can also localise pre-translated texts if you do not need a full translation service. If you need localised translations or localisation of ready-made translations, contact us, and we will help you identify the best possible solution.

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