Financial translations

Financial and economic translations require the translator to have specialist expertise and a strong command of the subject. As the types of translations needed in the banking sector are related to topics such as process management, accounting, banking or contracts between companies, it is vital to get the translations and terms right first time: a low-quality translation could give rise to substantial financial losses.

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Financial translations with strong expertise

As an international translation company, we are used to dealing with challenging translations in various specialist fields with exacting quality requirements. We serve companies all every size, financial institutions, insurance companies and other public- and private-sector entities. Thanks to our worldwide network, we can provide high-quality, expert translations in dozens of languages on a fast schedule.

High-quality financial translations generate significant added value and reduce the risks of international operations – we make sure that translations of documents such as contracts are precisely equivalent to the original text. We understand what is at stake for our customers and how much trust is required to translate important documents.

Translation memory ensures consistent terminology

We use translation memories for all our translations. Translation memories are applications that save all of the translations and validated terminology for each specific sector and customer. As our partnership continues, you can rest assured that all subsequent translations will be consistent in quality and use uniform terminology. As we are able to make use of all of the texts we have already translated, a long partnership will also substantially reduce the costs of translation.

Localisation guarantees that cultural differences are observed

Our translators are always native speakers of the target language, so the translation can be localised to suit the target culture. Text localisation ensures that the translation uses terms familiar to the target language and region. This ensures that texts feel natural and are understood precisely as intended. For example, many financial terms are used differently in different languages and cultures, so direct translations may give rise to misunderstandings or, in the worst case, financial losses.

Financial and banking translations with a quality guarantee

We are a reliable, long-term partner for even the most demanding translation needs. We have a policy of absolute confidentiality, and our comprehensive network of translators enables us to deliver translations to a tight schedule. We can provide translations from official, authorised translators whose translations are legally equivalent to the original documents.

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Our translations for the banking and financial sector include many types of material, such as the following:

  • Contracts and documents
  • Reports
  • Securities portfolios
  • Income statements and balance sheets
  • Annual reports and interim reports
  • Auditors’ statements and reports
  • Financial statements
  • Requests for proposals and bids
  • Credit rating reports
  • Bank statements
  • Salary certificates
  • Business letters
  • Fund brochures and IPO prospectuses
  • Sales reports
  • Merger and acquisition agreements
  • Market research
  • Press releases