Marketing and communications translations

Translations related to marketing and corporate communications differ substantially from most other jobs that translators work on. In almost every other type of translation, precise translating, accurate use of terminology and informativeness are key, while a good marketing and sales text needs to be impressive and appealing to the reader. When translators translate marketing texts, they need to have a good understanding of the nuances of the target culture. They must be capable of producing creative, lively texts that communicate the original message in order to sell it in the target language.

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Thoroughness is rewarded in marketing and communication

A finely tuned visual appearance builds credibility and trust. Translators of marketing and communications texts must have their own marketing talents, or at least be able to consult a reviewer who understands how to sell. Successful marketing translations convey the original message, improve the company’s communications and speak to the target audience directly.

Before translating corporate communications, the translator and customer must agree on the objectives for the translated communications. The objectives may include commercial communication, reinforcing the image, being informative or reaching out to new stakeholders.

Localisation involves adapting the message for the target area

For marketing and communication, it is extremely important to understand the target audience and the cultural nuances of the target region. Advertising messages often incorporate plays on words and figures of speech that cannot be translated directly and do not mean the same thing outside the target area.

Text localisation helps to address these challenges and make your text feel at home in the target area. Localisation is most successful when done by a native speaker who understands the subtle features and terminology that can make a text feel natural and identifiable for the target audience. If a translation looks and feels like a translation, it will be disregarded and fail to reach out to the target audience.

Translation memories enable consistent communication

Translation memories are integral parts of modern translation technology. They improve consistency across individual translations and reduce translation costs. Customer-specific terminology and translated texts are always stored in the translation memory, so future translations can make use of them.

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Marketing and communications translations are suitable for the following products:

  • Advertisements and advertisements and advertising materials
  • Brochures, catalogues and product lists
  • Websites
  • Newsletters and customer magazines
  • Packaging materials
  • PR materials
  • Publications and press releases
  • Social media content