Website translations

Websites are a symbol of a company’s reliability, its business card and marketing channel – all of this at the same time! Websites can also be scaled internationally without a great deal of extra effort, and if a company’s online texts are mainly static and rarely updated, translating the website into different languages can be a very profitable investment. Did you know that a text translated and localised into the target language can increase a company’s sales in the target country by up to 25%?

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Translating websites requires solid expertise

Website translations require translators to have strong professional abilities and expertise, as the texts reinforce the company’s image while significantly increasing its online visibility. That is why the translator must familiarise himself/herself with the company’s operations, values and style of expression in detail, so that the translations represent the company consistently from one language to the next.

In addition, translators working on websites should also have an understanding of online writing practices, particularly search engine optimisation (SEO). Working either independently or in collaboration with the customer, the translator must identify the precise terms that people use to search for the services and products in different target countries and languages. Using the most frequently searched and used terms also makes the content easier to understand, which serves to enhance trust and the reach to potential customers.

Localised text is familiar and identifiable to the reader

When websites are translated, text localisation to the target language is a crucial phase in finalising the text content in the optimum form. Localised text takes into consideration the culture in the target language and target area, speech habits and, if applicable, legal perspectives. When the text has been localised and uses terms that are familiar to the reader, a familiar style of speech and region-specific references, the text is easy for the reader to identify with and more accessible.

Translators working on websites should master the expressions that are characteristic of the target culture, and the ability to produce compelling marketing texts significantly improves the quality of the various language versions. The outcome is a success when the translation does not feel like a translation to the reader.

Translation memory speeds up subsequent translations and reduces costs

Our translation company and translators use translation memory software. All translated texts and terms are saved in the translation memory, so they are available for use in subsequent translations. The translation memory improves the consistency and quality of translations. At the same time, future orders cost less, as there is no need to translate the same sentences again. Once a website has been translated, the next update will be cheaper to translate if you use the same translation company.

High-quality websites in dozens of languages

If you are seeking to operate on international markets or you would like to get a feel for the demand for your company’s products or services in a new country, contact us and order a translation of your website into a new language, provided by a professional translator! Thanks to our worldwide network of translators, you have access to native professionals in dozens of languages, able to produce expert, localised texts wherever you need to increase your visibility.

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